Changes to Course Data APIs

As outlined in a previous blog post, Tony Hirst has blogged about his experience of using our course data APIs and offered feedback on them. As a result of this, we’ve made some changes to our course data APIs.

Firstly, we’ve introduced paging to the APIs, so now results can be easily broken down into pages, with the amount of results per page set to a reasonable amount, depending on the size of the objects being returned. The pagination object returned with each page of results shows useful information, including the size of the page, the amount of results the page contains, if there is a previous page available or a next page available. This will make the process of programatically searching through all of the results much easier.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 09.57.49

Whilst using the APIs, Tony also highlighted several typographical errors, particularly with the URLs of child objects that were returned in the results, we’ve since corrected these.

These are only relatively minor changes, but should improve the usability of the course data APIs!