Stage One

Stage One of the JISC Course Data programme required institutions to provide a letter of commitment. This was ours.

The University of Lincoln is currently undergoing an EU Tender for the implementation of a new Academic Programme Management System. It is intended that by August 2012, the System will be a single source of information for programmes and modules and enable the production of information for marketing material, academic transcripts, programme and module specifications, and diploma supplements. The System will also meet our public information obligations, such as KIS and HEAR.

We therefore welcome the initiative by JISC to support the sector in preparing for the increasing demand for course information.

Having recently been a participant in JISC’s XCRI Self-Assessment Framework Field Tests and successfully delivered the JISC-funded Linking You project, we are in an excellent position to undertake a period of implementation planning outlining changes required to improve course data flows within the institution and produce feeds for external agencies. Furthermore, we would combine this work with the delivery of our Academic Programme Management System to ensure the greatest possible benefits to the institution and the sector.

This programme of work receives support from the following key staff at the University of Lincoln:

Lynne Berrie, Senior Project Manager, Business Systems

Judith Carey, Director of Student Affairs

Scott Davidson, DVC – Teaching Quality & The Student Experience

Chris Goddard, Web Manager

Caroline Low, Director of Planning

Anne Rixom, Head of Quality Standards and Partnerships

Elly Sample, Director of Communications Development & Marketing

Chris Spendlove, University Registrar